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[conference] The Bridge takes place from April 12 to 13

The Bridge

The Institute for Public Relations is gearing up to host The Bridge, a first time two-day conference aimed at both public relations and corporate communications practitioners and academics. Number one selling point of this conference, the organizer tells us, is the opportunity to network and interact with top leaders in both the practice and the academy in a small setting that can only carry 125 attendees.

We took a look at the schedule that just went online and saw an impressive line-up of lectures and panel discussions . Here is a small selection of what The Bridge has to offer:

The Future of Storytelling – Powerful, personal and just in time: a keynote lecture by Jeremy Gilbert, Director of Strategic Initiatives with The Washington Post

Psychology and Public Relations: towards a new, interdisciplinary approach to human communication, behavioural insights, and PR: a panel discussion with Renee Carr (Carr Advisory Group), Thomas Stoeckle (Small Data Forum) and Terry Flynn (McMaster University)

Using Twitter to investigate the moderating role of reach on the effect of stealing thunder on organizational credibility and crisis severity during crises: a lecture by Abdullah Al Riyami (Michigan State University)

Value-added CSR communication: testing the moderating effects of CSR values in the CSR communication-reputation-attitude relationship: a lecture by Alan Abitbol (University of Dayton)

The Bridge takes place from April 12 to 13 at Georgetown University. Individual registration costs $495. More information can be found on the IPR website.

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